Thanks to their excellent performance, a few of the trainees and students from the Haering Academy in Bubsheim will be able to travel to the Far East.

Haering’s family run business will provide these future business leaders with the opportunity to visit the organization’s Chinese headquarters in Taicang in person. There they will also be able to have a firsthand look at the country, culture, and the Chinese work life. 

Following a tour of the company, and a traditional Chinese dinner with an entertaining evening program, they will head to the cities of Changhai, Suzhou, and Chaxi, in addition to the trade school in Taicang. In their second week, the trainees and students will be able to participate on a few projects. Through this exchange they will not only create unforgettable experiences in a foreign culture, but also develop  a valuable advantage for working in cooperation with the worldwide Haering Group.

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