International Training Programs

Go Far to get Further.

Future-proof your career with international experience.

Four different international program opportunities with the Häring Group allow you to get to know one of the largest precision parts manufacturers worldwide, work in exciting areas of the company at the top of the industrial edge in Germany and gain invaluable experience abroad.

4,000+ employees

5 sites on 4 continents

A part in nearly every car in the world.

60+ years experience

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This can be your journey.

Our team members across the globe have the same values,
including the German culture and the Häring Group philosophy of
 "Think it. Believe it. Achieve it." That is one of many factors which
guarantees our outstanding quality and management leadership
across all our locations.

As soon as we accept your application, your individual
 experience begins – and you will learn everything that makes 
you successful in this environment.

First: Let's get to know our team in the USA with a 3-week orientation
 and tour of our production site in Lavonia. During this time, you also 
receive all information about your experience in Germany – no worries,
 we take care of everything.

Now you´re ready for take-off, and will begin your journey at our headquarters in Germany.

After finishing your program successfully, 
you return home to the USA. Your career awaits.

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