Many companies do good work but that's not enough to stand out above the rest. The outstanding work that the Häring team does on a daily basis is also being recognized beyond our company premises. These awards speak for Häring as an employer. However, above all else, they are a testament to our employees who go above and beyond each day and thereby successfully shape the future. What's even more important: A workplace that is already being recognized for its future viability – what more could you want?!?

Häring Taicang awarded twice. 

On January 31, 2023, the Taicang high-tech zone came together for a district conference. During this event, the administrative committee honored progressive enterprises in the region from 2022 - including Häring.

First, Haering Precision Taicang was recognized as a "German High Growth Enterprise." "As a technology company, we have made an international name for ourselves and established a solid standing for the future.

On the other hand, the Häring Kindergarten in Taicang won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Sino-German Cooperation". The so-called semi-open concept of the Sino-German Friendship Kindergarten encourages children to discover their own interests and learn independence from an early age. Not only children from the Häring team, but also those from other companies have a place where they can play, learn and grow up - adapted to their parents' working hours.


Honored with the IHK Education Award.

The IHK Education Award honors companies that have recognized the value of vocational training and are specifically addressing the shortage of skilled workers through appropriate holistic qualification of employees*. The award is looking for something special: pioneers, strategists and visionaries with above-average commitment.

Anton Häring KG receives the IHK Education Award in the category of large companies with more than 500 employees for its extraordinary commitment to the education and training of tomorrow's skilled workers, especially in the form of the international training concept with the Häring Academies. In the live vote, 64% of the votes went to the technology company, which thus prevailed over finalists McDonald's and Roche, among others. The €6,000 prize money donated by the Otto Wolff Foundation was donated to charity.


Geschäftsleitung Miriam Häring steht mit fünf weitere Personen auf der Bühne und hält den Bildungspreis 2022 in der Hand

4-fold award for Häring Taicang

At the conference of the High-Tech Zone Taicang (home of more than 400 German companies) companies were honored for their outstanding achievements. Häring was able to achieve in four areas at once:

  • "Progressive enterprise in scientific and technological innovation in 2021".
  • "Progressive company for high-quality development in 2021"
  • "Progressive enterprise in intelligent manufacturing in 2021"
  • "Sino-German integrated development in 2021" (for the Sino-German Friendship Kindergarten in Taicang).


vier weiße Blätter mit roter asiatischer Schrift liegen auf einem Tisch

Awarded for outstanding quality

Haering Precision (Taicang) Co. was honored with the "Excellent Quality" award by its customer Vitesco Automotive Electronics (Changchun) Co., Ltd. Our Chinese location has satisfied the customer with excellent quality management in 2021.


Award aus glas und Holz "Excellent Quality Award 2021"

Valuable employer for the common good

WirtschaftsWoche magazine names Häring a "Valuable Employer for the Common Good". Together with ServiceValue, the magazine conducted a nationwide online survey of how valuable German employers are for the common good. The study looks at the companies with the largest numbers of employees. Anton Häring KG was also evaluated and awarded a prize.


zwei männliche Mitarbeiter von Häring stehen an einer Maschine

More than a Market Award 2020

For its social and societal commitment, Haering Precision Taicang is awarded the "More than a Market Award 2020" by the German Chamber of Commerce in China and by the representations of the Federal Republic of Germany in the People's Republic of China.


Award aus Glas "More than a Market Recognition of Participation"

Awarded Company Academy of Suzhou City

The Suzhou Training Bureau awards the Anton Häring KG Academy a very special distinction: recognition as an "Awarded Company Academy". The training bureau conducted detailed rounds of inspections before the qualification could be achieved. This means that the Häring Academy is now one of the first group of company academies in the city of Suzhou, which established this award in 2018 and has now awarded it for the first time.


Gelber Hintergrund mit roter chinesischer Schrift und einer Umrandung mit einem Muster

Deutschlands Beste Arbeitgeber (Germany's Best Employers)

Anton Häring KG receives the independent award "Deutschlands Beste Arbeitgeber (Germany's Best Employer)" in the industry sector in 2020. DIE WELT and ServiceValue recognize the "very high attractiveness" of the family-owned group for employees. An award that is based on a survey result of 800,000 people in Germany.

The Cologne-based analysis institute ServiceValue GmbH in cooperation with DIE WELT, conducted a major nationwide survey to determine which companies have earned a particularly positive image among the population as employers. The companies that received awards were divided into two groups for each sector, with the industrial sector having 1225 companies. The above-average companies were awarded with a very high employer attractiveness. Anton Häring KG is one of these 881 companies.


zwei Mitarbeiter von Häring stehen an einer Maschine und unterhalten sich


Anton Häring KG is named a "Premium Supplier" for another two years for its outstanding performance in terms of quality, delivery reliability, costs and willingness to innovate.

Auszeichnung von Continental der Häring Supplier Award "Premium Supplier Nomination"


Twice already, our Chinese site (Häring Precision Technology Co. Ltd.) in Taicang has received the UAES Supplier Award for outstanding technical innovation. In 2017 and 2020, our customer UAES recognized the family company for its strong customer focus, continuous development of automation and more efficient processing solution. In addition, our team impressed UAES with new manufacturing technologies for precision parts that save weight, reduce costs and increase efficiency. The smooth large scale production of the parts on site represented an outstanding criterion.

blaue Leinwand mit weißer chinesischer Schrift "2019 - Häring Precision (Taicang) Co., Ltd" vor Bühne sitzen Menschen hören sich den Vortrag an


President Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Häring was honored with one of the highest awards of the Chinese province Jiangsu in October 2019: The Jiangsu Friendship Award represents the recognition to Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Häring for the support and commitment at the Chinese location, as well as the friendly cooperation.

Freundschaftspreise, links rotes kleines Buch mit chinesischer goldener Aufschrift und rechts ein goldenes Bild mit holz Umrandung und schwarzer Schrift "Jiangsu Certificate of Friendship - Jiangsu Provincial People´s Government of the People´s Republic of China"


As a family company with headquarters in Bubsheim, we are proud to be represented in the World Market Leader Index. This index lists companies that are globally active, successful and technological leaders. Our exact designation is "WMF Champion" - this can only be achieved by companies that, among other things, have at least 50% of their headquarters in the DACH region, have their own production and/or sales companies on at least three continents, and are ranked first or second as market leaders in their relevant world market segment.


Häring's Chinese site was honored at the beginning of 2019 by the Taicang Innovation and Technology Bureau as an "advanced enterprise in scientific and technological innovation." The honor was given mainly due to our continuous investment and accompanying progress in research and development.


Anton Häring KG is one of Germany's best employers: in February 2019, the Center for Employer Attractiveness (organizer of TOP JOB) honored Häring's commitment and quality as an employer with the TOP JOB seal.

The award is based on an evaluation procedure developed by the University of St. Gallen. This analyzes the areas in which the audited company delivers top performance. Among other things, Häring's employees, trainees and students were anonymously surveyed on topics such as leadership and vision, motivation and dynamism, culture and communication, employee development and prospects, employee satisfaction and family friendliness.



As part of the New Year celebration for Europe+B10an and American companies, Häring Taicang was presented with an award on Jan. 23, 2019: the "Award of Education and Practice" of the Taicang High-tech Industrial Development Zone. With this award, the metropolitan region recognized Häring's work and achievements in the field of education. Special mention was made of the Häring Academy, which has the status of a school in China and is an elementary component of Häring's educational success formula.


In October 2018, the Suzhou Ministry of Education recognized China's Häring Academy for its outstanding achievements as a training center. With the award of the title "Häring (Taicang) CNC Technology College", it officially has the status of a vocational school.


Anton Häring KG ranks first among Germany's best training companies in the automotive supplier sector in 2018. This is the result of the study by DEUTSCHLAND TEST and the business magazine FOCUS-Money. In evaluation criteria such as the success of training, the structural organization of training, as well as the training quota and additional offers for trainees, we were able to stand out from the 20,000 companies with the most employees from over 90 industries in Germany and were named the industry winner in the automotive supplier category. A great compliment for our commitment to promoting young talent.


The Ministry of Education and the Bureau of Human and Social Affairs of Suzhou City awarded Häring Company the "Scheduled Internship Enterprise" award in May 2017.

Bosch Global Supplier Award

Häring received the Bosch Global Supplier Award in the category "Mechanical Parts – Turned Parts" for its outstanding performance in the production and supply of products and services. As one of 44 recognized companies, we stand out from the approximately 35,000 suppliers and, as a development and innovation partner of Bosch, we also contribute to that corporation's competitiveness.

Schaeffler / Continental Award

Häring has been among the recipients of the Premium Supplier Award since 2015. It is an award of the purchasing cooperation consisting of the companies Continental and Schaeffler. It means that we are part of the inner circle of 32 premium suppliers of the two companies. In addition to criteria such as a compatible product portfolio, outstanding quality and delivery performance as well as global competitiveness, other characteristics, in particular the automation of driving functions, increased digitization, growing demands on quality assurance and cross-linked, cross-industry cooperation play an important role. These are challenges that we as a premium supplier can meet thanks to our great teamwork.