“It was my dream to become an engineer. With Häring, I was able to implement this with theory and practice."

junger braunhaariger Mitarbeiter von Häring schaut lächelnd in die Kamera

Bartłomiej Urbańczyk graduated from school in 2010. The classic training course to become an engineer in Poland begins with a so-called “technical center” at the school. Bartłomiej however, decided to choose a practice-oriented way. He started his career at Häring immediately and completed the 3-year apprenticeship program as a mechanic at the Häring Academy in Poland. He then worked in purchasing for two years and switched to sales, the material procurement department in 2015. Bartłomiej achieved his goal in 2018 with a part-time course in mechanics and mechanical engineering with a focus on automation. He is a recognized engineer and is now successfully employed by Häring in sales and production planning. Here he is responsible for the entire material disposition. He also organizes, monitors, and controls the process flow from material procurement through material processing to the supplier and customer contact.


Sales and Production Planning

Current Work Area

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Thirst for knowledge is rewarded.

“During my training, I learned the technical basics at the Häring academy and applied them directly to the latest machines. After the apprenticeship, the knowledge I learned in every new department helped me and I was able to expand it continuously. To this day, I just love to learn and am happy to be able to share my knowledge.”

Further Education in Purchasing.

“In purchasing, I discussed and carried out repairs with colleagues. Together we defined which spare parts we really needed for the machines so that I could then order them. Thanks to my practical experience as a mechanic, this went hand in hand.”

Further Education in Sales.

“In sales, I am responsible for the procurement of raw materials; the machines stand still without material. Here I learned how to communicate with suppliers and plan the deliveries so that everything runs smoothly. As a mechanic, I only knew that the material was available. The whole organization behind it was a new chapter.“

Further Education in Germany.

“During my visits to Bubsheim, it is a great sense of achievement for me to be able to work on the machines there as well. And above all, I enjoy improving my German. I speak German around 40 - 60% during my day-to-day work, even though I have never been to Germany, except for my short visits to Bubsheim. I am pleased that I was able to master the language so well thanks to our internal language courses.”

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