Technical Education Program

Pave the way to a successful career in the manufacturing industry.

Become a Machining Specialist.

Application Deadline

April 30th


You will spend 3 years at our headquarters in Bubsheim, Germany.

Program Start

Begin orientation in the US in August, then begin your program in Germany on September 1st.

Training Area

Learn production technologies integral to our success as an international technology company.

Standard Program Length

One-year practical training followed by two years Technical Education.


IHK Skilled Worker Certification, recognized in both Germany and the USA.

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Build the technical foundation for your career path - no prior experience required.

Are you someone who enjoys working with technology and learning how things work? Do you take pride in seeing your work accomplished after the job is done? Then Häring's Technical Education program might be just the thing for you. This comprehensive 3-year program focuses on technologies like turning, drilling, milling, and grinding. It all starts with a 1-year practical experience at Anton Häring KG in Bubsheim, Germany followed by 2 years of technical education as “Machine Specialist”. You will gain all skills needed to become an expert in your field through this apprenticeship at Häring and vocational school.

The best part: Whether you're a recent high school graduate or looking to change your career path, our program is open to all applicants. And the best part? There are no costs for education. While completing the apprenticeship, you'll also receive a training salary, allowing you to gain valuable work experience while earning a living.

Successfully completed your program, your career journey begins.

Approximately one year prior to graduation, we determine your strengths and which production department you are best suited for. This will also be the target department when you return to Haering Precision USA.

After completing the program, you return home to Häring in the USA, where you can directly work in production, take on expert roles, become a technician, or a product specialist. And if you're looking to climb the career ladder even further, we offer various further training programs in the USA and in Germany. With our training opportunities and your commitment, you can quickly climb up the career ladder – at our growing plant in the USA, you won't be slowed down.

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Our students benefit from our "dual-training" 
approach along with many extras:

Company support

We offer you company-supported housing and transportation. You are paid a monthly salary and are provided with social security benefits, including healthcare.


You receive 30 paid vacation days per year during industry attendance.
In addition: 1 paid roundtrip flight to the US per year, flexible working times and PTO.

Language courses

German courses will increase your communication skills, and you will graduate from the program at an advanced level.

Career building is teamwork. Join our global team of 4,000+ as you begin your career with us.

We like to give our trainees and students new challenges to develop not only professionally, but personally - so that every career path becomes a success story. "It was eye opening to travel and meet connections, learning how similar we are no matter where we´re from," states Nathan Lindler, program graduate and current Technical Plant Manager at Haering Precision USA. Our training model ensures career development while building a global network of connections that will last a lifetime. We provide all of our trainees and students with a range of events and memorable experiences that will do just that.

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You have a High School Diploma.

English: 4 credits
Mathematics: 3 credits
Laboratory Sciences: 3 credits
Social Studies: 3 credits
Foreign Language: 2 credits
Other: 2 credits

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You are interested in how a product is created, and enjoy learning how things work.

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You enjoy gaining international experiences, meeting new people, and learning languages.

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You are interested in furthering your education. 

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„With Häring, I learned everything I needed to build a successful career from the ground up. I traveled the world and made lifelong connections in the process.”

Russ, Head of Finishing

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