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Development Program

Today an employee, tomorrow a leader.

Are you looking for a career development opportunity? The program at a glance:

Application Deadline

Rolling admission
 year round.


You will spend approximately 3 years at our headquarters in Bubsheim, Germany, before returning to our US site in Lavonia, GA.

What you need

Some college, technical school, university or equivalent work experience is required. All previous work and school experiences are recognized.

Business Area

Departmental rotation in
 production or commercial administration followed by specialization in one area. Alternative: one specific area from the beginning, including IT or our company restaurant ANTONIS.

Rotational Model

Our rotational model allows you to find your perfect fit before beginning your full-time role.


Directly begin your career in the USA in various leadership and expert roles.

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Three years in Germany guarantee more 
than a great experience.

As part of our Leadership Development Program, you spend approximately three years at our headquarters in Germany. Here, you learn the German management language in daily interactions and make our southern German work ethic your own. With this "training", we guarantee the same quality and management leadership at all our locations – a benefit for our customers and employees. Because with Häring as your employer, you will stand out in many places regarding quality and innovation. With this understanding of core functions critical to Härings success, you return home and immediately assume a specialist or leadership role at Haering Precision USA.

4 Pathways to choose from
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Become an expert in our production of precision  parts, learning technologies like turning, drilling, milling and grinding.

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Learn the core functions of our company in departments such as Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Purchasing and Project Management.

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Train with our global team of IT professionals, maintaining all network and software needs for the Häring Group.

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Company Restaurant ANTONIS

Train with our gourmet chefs and become a master of global cuisine in our company restaurant, ANTONIS.

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Career building is teamwork. Join our global team of 4,000+ as you begin your career with us.

We like to give our trainees and students new challenges to develop not only professionally, but personally - so that every career path becomes a success story. "It was eye opening to travel and meet connections, learning how similar we are no matter where we´re from," , states Nathan Lindler, program graduate and current Technical Plant Manager at Haering Precision USA. Our training model ensures career development while building a global network of connections that will last a lifetime. We provide all of our trainees and students with a range of events and memorable experiences that will do just that.

Gruppenfoto der Geschäftsleitung und der Mitarbeiter von Häring, alle sitzen an einem langen Tisch, der weihnachtlich gedeckt ist und lächeln in die Kamera
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Viele Personen sitzen an Tischen mit einer Bühne und einer Leinwand schauen zu dem Moderator
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Gruppe von Mitarbeiter sitzen auf Bierbänken und stoßen mit Bier an alle lächeln in die Kamera
Viele Personen sitzend vor einer kleinen Bühne mit einer Leinwand
Ein Glühweinstand auf einem Weihnachtsmarkt mit vielen Menschen die herumlaufen
Mitarbeiter sitzen an einem Tisch mit blauer Tischdekoration und weißen Blumen
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As part of our Leadership Development Program you benefit from:

Company support

We offer you company-supported housing and transportation. You are paid a monthly salary and receive social security benefits, including healthcare.


You receive 20 paid vacation days. In addition: 1 paid roundtrip flight to the US per year, flexible working times and PTO.

 career advancement

Leadership development, international training and German language courses will increase your skills to a maximum.

Language courses

German courses will increase your communication skills, and you will graduate from the program at an advanced level.



"The program advanced my career in a way that I never thought possible."

Nathan, Technical Plant Manager

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