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„I want to constantly develop myself and production planning. That's why I'm in the right place here.“

Konrad ein Mitarbeiter von Häring schaut in die Kamera

It starts well and keeps getting better.

After graduating from university, Konrad started training as a cutting machine operator at the Polish site in September 2014. Ambition and interest led to a career start with top grades, and he gladly accepted the opportunity to gain international experience at the Haering Taicang site in China. Back home, he began his career in production planning in 2016. From junior employee to specialist. From skilled professional to department group leader. In 2019, he also began studying logistics part-time at the University of Łódź. With his successful degree in his pocket, he continues to pursue his career path at Häring.
Since 2014, with Häring


Production Control and Planning Group Leader



Part of the Anton Häring KG

Konrad, you laid the foundation for your career with an apprenticeship. Was that the right decision?

Everything was completely new for me at the Häring Academy. My university was unfortunately not technically oriented, so I had nothing to do with technical drawings before, let alone processing machines. So I had to learn everything from the very beginning - and that's exactly what I had the opportunity to do during my training and time at the Häring Academy. Looking back, the practical experience from my training period always helps me: whether at university or in my daily work.

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After your apprenticeship, you climbed the career ladder. Where did your drive come from to complete an additional degree?

When I started working in production control and planning, the biggest challenge for me was to understand how all the sub-elements of the production processes had to be coordinated with each other so that the products could pass through the corresponding work processes smoothly and efficiently. This topic was so interesting to me that I decided to study logistics, because it allowed me to learn about the theory behind logistics and compare it with practice - or rather, now I can actively develop the field of production planning.

So your further career path will take place at Häring?

I want to specialize in production planning, expand my knowledge and gain new experiences. Häring gives me these opportunities and supervisors I can rely on. Another plus is that I can share my experiences with colleagues from all over the world - Poland, Germany, the USA, China and Tunisia. Looking back, I can confidently say that what I'm doing now is more than just a job for me.

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