drei männliche Mitarbeiter von Häring stehen in den Büroräumen und lachen in die Kamera

Häring is one of Germany's best employers for employee development

This is the result of a study conducted by the Cologne-based rating and ranking agency ServiceValue in cooperation with €uro, the monthly magazine for business and money.

A total of 1,157 companies were evaluated in five meta-categories: Auto industry and aircraft construction, energy and water supply, real estate and construction, mechanical engineering, and insurance and finance. What is special about the study is that the results are based on a survey of the population - i.e. on their own experience with the company or through hearsay, completely without the involvement of the companies studied. In terms of the answer options, the participants gave their verdict on a five-point scale as to how elementary the role of employee development is in the respective companies and whether it is implemented accordingly.

This resulted in over 132,000 judgments, from which an unweighted average was calculated. With a score of 2.62, Häring landed in the ranking of the lowest and thus the best values in the automotive industry and aircraft construction, just 0.43 points behind frontrunner Porsche. "The further training of our employees has always been particularly close to our hearts. The fact that this is also received and perceived by the general public not only makes us particularly proud, but also confirms the concepts we have developed for employee development - probably the best compliment you can get as an employer," says President Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Häring, pleased with the award.

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