Progressing with and thanks to Häring.

Some things seem impossible – at least until somebody makes them happen. And that's what we are doing on a daily business in the automotive sector. In addition to creativity and the willingness to boldly face change, the know-how at the cutting edge is another important factor for the most innovative product developments. 

For anybody who wants to become an expert in a specific field at Häring, our further training is the way to go. Because that's how our professionals specialize in a particular area on the basis of the latest information, technologies and possibilities. That allows the entire team to shape the mobile future – and to make the impossible possible. 

Individual further training opportunities

In general, we are open to all further training measures and directions. 

The only requirement is that the subject should be a good fit for Häring and that it will allow us all to progress. In exchange for your personal commitment, we will pay for all costs of the training. 

You have the ambition – do you also have the commitment to your field? And you want to shape the future anyway? Then we'll certainly find the right path together! We are looking forward to your exciting proposals!




Many trainings

When it comes to job-related or technical issues, we rely on the high-quality expertise of specialists. With the trainings we offer, the Häring team always stays up to date: professionally, technically and with regard to content.



  • Quality assurance and management
  • Technologies and processes
  • Machine and production technology

Seminars held on a regular basis

Multidisciplinary topics are interesting for everybody. They optimize processes and convey know-how, which facilitates work processes as well as the daily work routine.



  • Software and IT technology
  • Time management
  • Leadership methods

Ongoing course offers

Thanks to a broad network and close contacts to schools and former teachers, our courses are very popular among our young professionals and international guests.



  • Test preparation courses
  • German language course
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At Häring, my talent was recognized and I was given the chance to keep developing. Now I try to be a good teacher myself and to support my colleagues as they assume responsibility.

- Roman Walender

Foreman in the Further Processing department.
Joined Häring as an operator in 2009.