Häring professionals shape the future while pursuing their careers

You want to achieve a lot but still experience camaraderie? One often precludes the other. Either work for the small family business around the corner in which you can work side-by-side or a major corporation that offers many career opportunities. What should you choose? Häring. Because here one does not preclude the other. We are a family business and perfectly combine these two worlds. As a member of Team Häring, your career opportunities seem infinite.


Success stories from Häring's daily life.


When you graduate, everybody tells you that you can do whatever you want. But at Häring that's actually true.

- Fabian Bernhard, from student to group manager


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Häring recognized my talent and kept opening doors for me. Now i am Vice President in the USA – i´d never dreamed of getting this far.

- Artur Hain, from trainee to Vice President


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It was my dream to become an engineer. With Häring, I was able to implement this with theory and practice. 

- Bartłomiej Urbańczyk


Find out more about his success story.